Have your say: Submissions now open for proposed Government Procurement Rules

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) announced that it is inviting government agencies, suppliers and interested members of the public to give feedback on the proposed Government Procurement Rules 4th Edition (the Rules). A draft of the Rules is found here.

What’s changing?

MBIE is open to all feedback regarding the Rules. However, some key changes which MBIE particularly seek feedback on include the following:

  • the new Broader Outcomes Rules (Rules 16-20);
  • changes to construction procurement (Rules 18, 65 and 70);
  • new Rules around procurement capability (Rules 71 and 72), reporting (Rule 53) and planning (Rule 15);
  • the removal of outdated Rules (Extended Procurement Forecasts and Registered Suppliers Lists) and amending requirements relating to Significant Procurement Plans;
  • amending the new construction works threshold to $9 million and reviewing the thresholds annually;
  • changes to expectations around subcontracting and the conduct of suppliers (Rule 25 and Rule 44); and
  • the Draft Government Procurement Charter.

How to make a submission

MBIE has provided two methods for parties to make submissions:

  1. Complete the Online Form
  2. Email to procurement@mbie.govt.nz with the subject line ‘Feedback on draft Government Procurement Rules 4th edition’ and/or ‘Feedback on proposed Supplier Code of Conduct’

For more information on the submission process, click here.

 Submission deadlines

The deadlines for submitting feedback are:

  • Supplier Code of Conduct feedback deadline: 19 February 2019
  • Government Procurement Rules 4th edition feedback deadline: 5 March 2019

Look out for our upcoming publication on the draft Rules and what it may mean for you! For advice on compliance with the Government Procurement Rules, contact one of our experts.

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