Lawyers applying from overseas

Lawyers applying from overseas Lawyers applying from overseas

We are here to help you with immigration, relocating and requalifying to practice law in New Zealand.



We are an Accredited Employer with Immigration New Zealand, which means that we’re part of a small group of New Zealand organisations who can recruit globally and have our employees’ Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Visas processed as a priority. 

To find out more about New Zealand’s immigration process, click here


Relocation reimbursement

We offer lawyers moving to New Zealand to join our firm a generous reimbursement package to cover some of the cost of relocation. This includes things like the cost of travel, relocation of your household belongings, and short-term accommodation when you first arrive in New Zealand. 


Requalifying to practice in New Zealand

If you’re an overseas practitioner seeking admission to the High Court of New Zealand, you need to apply to the New Zealand Council of Legal Education for assessment of your overseas qualification. Following this assessment, it’s likely that you’ll need to complete further study (unless you’re an Australian qualified lawyer) and we will support you through this process. 

To find out more about the process for the Assessment of Overseas Law Qualifications, click here


Enviable lifestyle and unique culture

The quality of life in New Zealand really is excellent compared to many other countries.

New Zealanders have a strong work ethic but we also believe in balance. Even when living in our biggest cities, you are never too far from a beach, bike trail, or national park. We enjoy the outdoors, and make time for our friends, families and communities.

Although British traditions still remain strong, New Zealand has a unique culture with strong Māori and Polynesian influences. This dynamic ‘Pasifika’ vibe is distinctive and like nowhere else in the world.

Manaakitanga (showing respect, generosity and care for others) is abundant and as a multicultural nation, we welcome everyone – like we do at MinterEllisonRuddWatts.


Great climate for getting outdoors

With a temperate climate, New Zealand has relatively warm, dry summers (December to February) and mild, wet winters (June to August) – and extended daylight hours.

We don’t get the long periods of extreme weather that some parts of the UK do, so you’ll find it easier to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle all year round.

Weather is different depending on where you live, for example, Queenstown near the bottom of the South Island gets winter snow, but that is very rare in our capital city, Wellington or largest city, Auckland where our offices are based.


Family friendly

New Zealand is a great place raise a family, with most Kiwis feeling very safe here. The 2020 Global Peace Index, which compared 160 countries for the risk of personal violence, rated New Zealand the world’s second safest country in the world.

With affordable, quality education, children get close to nature and enjoy a range of healthy sport, recreation, and adventure activities. New Zealand spends one of the highest proportions of its gross domestic product (GDP) on primary to tertiary educational institutions. The education received focuses on preparing young people for the future – equipping them with skills and attitudes essential for growth and prosperity.

A high standard of public healthcare is available free or at a low cost for citizens, residents or anyone holding a work visa valid for 2 years or more. Healthcare is subsidised by the New Zealand Government so you only have to pay part of the fee when you see your local doctor – also known as a general practitioner (GP). Accident and emergency treatment at hospitals is free, but you may need private healthcare for elective procedures.

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Make an impact

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