Investing in New Zealand Guide - updated June 2019

A guide for international business

New Zealand is an open and competitive economy with a population of around 4.8 million.

We have a range of strong manufacturing and service sectors which complement a highly efficient agricultural industry. Our economy is strongly trade-oriented with the agricultural, horticultural, forestry, mining and fishing sectors all playing an important role in the export sector, and employment. Overall, the primary sector contributes to over 50 percent of New Zealand’s export earnings.

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Foreign investment is generally welcomed and all levels of Government are keen to promote business, economic development and employment growth.

This Investing in New Zealand guide for international business:

  • provides an overview on establishing a business in New Zealand; and
  • answers some preliminary questions asked by those unfamiliar with the country's economy.

If you are thinking about investing in New Zealand, or establishing a business, talk to one of our experts.

Investing in New Zealand

A guide for international organisations looking to establish a business or invest in New Zealand.

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