Tensions between Lawyers and Experts

Partners Janine Stewart and Stephen Price have wrapped up the last of their four nationwide Society of Construction Law panel sessions on the tensions between lawyers and experts, accompanied by experienced expert James White, director of Kwanto.

The sessions followed Janine and Stephen’s International Society of Construction Law paper on the role of experts across jurisdictions and tensions that commonly arise between lawyers and experts.  Janine and Stephen presented the paper at the SCL Conference in Chicago with their co-authors Sean Brady of Brady Heywood and Simon Braithwaite then of FTI Consulting and now of BDO.

The paper examines the legislative guidelines across jurisdictions that form an expert’s role in the dispute resolution process. Depending on the nature of these guidelines, tensions can arise between the experts, who must produce independent evidence to assist the court, and the lawyers, whose goal is to best advocate for their clients.

Read the paper here.

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