Construction and Infrastructure Report: June 2022

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    10 June 2022

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Welcome to the Construction and Infrastructure Report, a round-up of industry news and thought leadership underpinning New Zealand’s construction and infrastructure sectors.

In this issue, our experts consider the ongoing shortage of building materials for construction projects. As New Zealand continues to experience a shortage of Gib, there are significant flow-on implications for the entire sector.

MBIE’s Building Code update proposes the biggest energy efficiency changes in over a decade. Given the significance of the changes, it’s perhaps no surprise that more submissions were received during this consultation process than the previous five years of Building Code consultant responses combined.

We also analyse some of the unintended consequences that can arise from establishing a binding programme in construction projects. These include imposing additional obligations on both parties, increased claims, and inflexibility.

This issue contains seven articles. Please click the links below to read each one: