Construction and Infrastructure Report: August 2021

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    31 August 2021

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Welcome to the Construction and Infrastructure Report – a round-up of industry news and thought leadership to support New Zealand’s construction and infrastructure sector.

In this issue, we examine the impacts of global supply chain disruptions that the construction sector is facing, causing an unprecedented level of pressure in supply and demand for building materials both domestically and internationally.

Our webinar with Chris Alderson, CEO of Construction Health and Safety New Zealand, analysed if principals/owners can lawfully prohibit unvaccinated workers from their construction and infrastructure sites. Now that Delta has reached our shores, what are the wider governance implications for those businesses that are running both development and operational sites?

Further case studies serve as a reminder of the distinction between liability found in contract and in tort as well as guidance on the interpretation of liquidated damages clauses and accrued rights prior to termination.

If you would like to discuss any of the topics in this report, please get in touch with one of our experts.

This issue includes five articles, please follow the links below to read each one: