A conversation with ChatGPT-4o: The latest AI language model

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    18 June 2024

A conversation with ChatGPT-4o: The latest AI language model Desktop Image A conversation with ChatGPT-4o: The latest AI language model Mobile Image


In this episode, Tom Maasland, a Partner in MinterEllisonRuddWatts’ Technology team, talks to ChatGPT-4o, the latest AI language model released by OpenAI, about itself and its impressive capabilities and in the process reveals some of the current limitations for the use of this technology.

[01:47 - 05:55] Tom begins this fascinating interview asking ChatGPT-4o to introduce itself to listeners and define its main capabilities: What are its strengths and weaknesses for both every day and business use?

[05:57 - 07:00] They then discuss the improvements ChatGPT-4o offers over its predecessors, ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.

[07:33 - 12:35] Through illustrative questioning Tom gets ChatGPT-4o to showcase some of its uses and capabilities to listeners; putting together a short introduction for a seminar, composing a poem and summarising technologies that might revolutionise the future.

[12:40 - 14:51] Tom then highlights ChatGPT-4o’s conversational abilities, having an everyday conversation with it to demonstrate to listeners what a personal conversation with ChatGPT-4o sounds and feels like.

[14:52 – 17:56] Tom then poses a quick fire round of questions to ChatGPT-4o, to delve deeper into understanding some of the limitations people may have with adopting and using this AI technology.  

[17:56] Tom asks ChatGPT-4o about how it predicts AI will change the world in 10 years’ time. Despite Tom’s request for brief answers, it gave a very long answer which was not included in the recording. The full answer is set out below: 

  • Healthcare: AI could revolutionise healthcare with advanced diagnostics, personalised treatment plans, and efficient management of patient data. AI driven tools might help in early disease detection and provide support in surgical procedures. 
  • Transportation: Autonomous vehicles may become more common, leading to safer and more efficient transportation systems. AI will also optimise traffic management and public transportation, reducing congestion and travel time.
  • Work in automation: Many routine and repetitive tasks will likely be automated, allowing humans to focus on more creative and strategic roles. AI could enhance productivity across industries, from manufacturing to service sectors for education. AI driven, personalised learning platforms could tailor education to individual student needs, providing adaptive learning experiences and supporting teachers with administrative tasks. 
  • Smart cities: AI will play a crucial role in developing smart cities, optimising energy use, waste management and public safety. Connected infrastructure will improve the quality of urban life. 
  • Environmental sustainability: AI can contribute to solving environmental challenges by optimising resource use, monitoring ecosystems, and supporting sustainable practices in agriculture and industry. 
  • Entertainment and medical: AI Generated content from movies to music will become more sophisticated, providing personalised entertainment experiences. Virtual and augmented reality might offer immersive and interactive environments. 
  • Ethics and governance: There will likely be advancements in AI ethics with frameworks and regulations, ensuring that AI is used responsibly addressing issues of bias, privacy, and transparency. Overall, AI will integrate deeply into daily life enhancing efficiency, convenience and quality of life, while also presenting new challenges and ethical considerations that society will need to address.

[20:00] The episode finishes with Tom’s overall reflections on having a conversation with ChatGPT-4o, finding it impressive, unsettling, but ultimately not yet a substitute for real human conversation.

Information in this episode is accurate as at the date of recording, 11 June 2024.

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