Auckland’s path to becoming a global tech hub with Simon Bridges

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    08 April 2024

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In this episode, Tom Maasland, a Partner in MinterEllisonRuddWatts’ Technology team, talks to Simon Bridges, in his capacity as CEO of the Auckland Business Chamber, about the recently released report from the Auckland Tech Council, suggesting that three tech sectors can transform Auckland into a Global Tech Hub.

Simon Bridges is a former lawyer, former National MP for Tauranga, was Leader of the Opposition, and a senior cabinet minister in John Key’s National-led government. As part of Cabinet, Simon held several ministerial portfolios including Energy, Transport, Communications, Economic Development and Leader of the House. 

More recently, since leaving the world of politics, Simon is CEO of the Auckland Business Chamber, whilst also sitting on a number of company boards, including most recently his appointment as Chair of New Zealand Transport Authority / Waka Kotahi. It’s in his capacity as CEO of the Auckland Business Chamber that Simon is interviewed for this podcast.

[01:34] Tom and Simon talk about how the report sets out an ambitious plan to move Auckland from the tech hub that it already is, into a Global Tech Hub and what motivated this idea.

[03:14] They then discuss the pathway that is needed for Auckland to achieve this ambition. Simon touches on the need for an intentional and focused approach, rather than a scatter-gun approach. [06:23] He notes the three Tech sectors identified in the report that Auckland should focus on and develop further: CreativeTech, FinTech and HealthTech.

[06:42] Simon talks about the specific opportunities and challenges for Auckland in becoming a global CreativeTech hub. He outlines various steps in a five year plan the Auckland Tech Council has proposed to achieve this.

[11:05] They then focus in on FinTech; looking into its particular pathway and the exciting role it has to play in achieving the goal of Auckland becoming a Global Tech Hub. Simon notes that collaboration between public and private sectors will be essential.

[15:50] Tom and Simon lastly delve into the fascinating part HealthTech will play in this ambition, and how to actively foster its enterprises and growth in Auckland.

[20:50] They round off the podcast considering what types of infrastructure are needed to be invested in further for the ambition to be met.

Information in this episode is accurate as at the date of recording, 19 March 2024.

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Auckland's path to becoming a Global Tech Hub