Employer considerations for ChatGPT

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    12 September 2023

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In this episode, Partner Tom Maasland interviews Gillian Service, a Partner in our employment team. 

Gillian uses ChatGPT as an example of issues to be mindful of when adopting and using generative AI in the workplace.

[1:21] She explores current uses of generative AI, and how ChatGPT has significantly escalated the use of this AI in the workplace. She talks about how ChatGPT can change simple employment functions within a business, giving virtual coaching as an example [03:05].

[5:24] Gillian looks at how to balance the risks and rewards of ChatGPT in the workplace, including discussing bias. She talks about how use of ChatGPT could fall foul of local employment laws [08:59], including looking at the Human Rights Act, Employment Relations Act and Privacy Act. She looks at how existing case law can be used to guide the use of ChatGPT in an employment context [15:46]. Finally, she discusses how and why, as an employer, it’s important to front-foot the use of ChatGPT, including being upfront about when it’s being used and developing policies and guardrails [17:57].

Listeners may note that we have not referenced Māori data sovereignty in this podcast: we consider that this important kaupapa is worthy of its own podcast at a later date.

Please contact Gillian Service or a member of our Technology team if you need legal advice and guidance on any of the topics discussed in the episode.

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