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    05 July 2023

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MEttle, a collection of stories and interviews with influential New Zealand business leaders.


In this issue we look towards the gathering economic clouds. We ask some of the brightest minds to comment on New Zealand’s current circumstances, uncovering what they see as the challenges that lie on the path ahead, and identifying the opportunities that should help us to advance successfully.

We asked some of New Zealand’s senior investment banking leaders to identify how businesses might use a recession to progress company strategies and achieve greater success. Silvana Schenone and Sam Ricketts, Managing Directors and Co-Heads of Investment Banking at Jarden, UBS Country Head Chris Simcock, Craigs Investment Bank CEO Brett Shepherd, and Andrew Barclay, CEO of Goldman Sachs NZ, each offer their insights in this regard.

Two of New Zealand’s most experienced corporate restructuring and business advisory practitioners, Brendon Gibson of Calibre Partners and Kare Johnston of McGrathNicol, guide us through the common warning signs business leaders should pay attention to if their business is under financial pressure, as well as the steps they recommend to avoid insolvency.

As we head towards the 2023 General Election in October, we ask Roger Partridge, Chair of The New Zealand Initiative, Simon Bridges, CEO of the Auckland Business Chamber, Josie Pagani, Executive Director of the Council for International Development, and Richard Wagstaff, President of the NZCTU to put forward the policies they would like to see from the next government. 

Karen Silk, Assistant Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, also shares her leadership journey and how she views the decisions she is making to influence better outcomes for our country.We hope this issue of Mettle provokes valuable thought.

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This issue is available in a PDF and four digital articles:

Leapfrogging in tough times

Putting up the insolvency umbrella as economic clouds gather

On the hustings ahead of the general election

All things money